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Secure Data Delivery & Workflow Synchronisation

A p2p high speed encrypted file transfer protocol backed by a Python API/CLI for custom workflows.
With an easy to use desktop app and mobile friendly web interface, enabling queue management
and file sharing.

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Build a file delivery workflow that can be controlled by applications and scripts in your production environment.

The accsyn Python (2 & 3) API enables file transfer integrations into your workflow - submit, monitor and control jobs. By connecting accsyn with your production database, you can easily distribute work files across offices and employees working from home.

With the Publish feature, outsourcing work can be validated and ingested back into your production workflow without manual intervention.

We provide complete tutorials covering publish workflows, automated daily backups, replacing your existing FTP and much more!

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Our GitHUB account with fully working code examples:

pip install accsyn-python-api
import accsyn_api;
accsyn_api.Session().create("job",{ "source":"share=theproject/", "destination":"site=london"})
Example Python code for sending a file to a site.


The VFX/Post production department of Filmgate Films (Gothenburg, SWEDEN) realised early that they needed to recruit external vendors - employees, freelancers, subcontractors all over to the globe to complete work tasks. accsyn was originally developed at Filmgate to make sure remote workers were 100% integrated into the workflow when it came to files and metadata

Prior to accsyn, Filmgate had to:

  • Manually collect and copy material to the vendor's FTP account.
  • E-mail the vendor with metadata and information about tasks to be performed.
  • Wait for the vendor to download files from the FTP.
  • Ingest the result, with metadata, back into the production database (Ftrack).

In general, this could add 10-15 minutes per work task and could therefore sometimes add days of extra labour for the project managers. Added on top of that was the hassle that usually comes with FTP in terms of transfer speeds and corrupt file transfers.

With accsyn, the producer assigns tasks within the production database as they would for an office employee:

  • A Python script on the server collects files and metadata.
  • An accsyn file transfer is initiated directly to a mapped storage at the remote vendor.
  • The vendor receives an E-mail when they can start working, they finish the task and then publishes the result through the accsyn Desktop App which verifies the files before sending and collecting metadata (comments, time spent and status).
  • A script (Hook) is run on the server when files have arrived, ingesting the result automatically into the production database (Ftrack™).
  • The project manager gets a notification that work is pending for approval.

During 2019, 1 petabyte worth of data was sent through accsyn at Filmgate, corresponding to over 50k individual FTP transfers. This has saved numerous months of extra administrative work, enabling Filmgate to grow beyond their capacity during periods of high work loads.

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Goodbye Kansas (Stockholm, SWEDEN) was looking for a solution that could manage fast and automated file transfers for data generated in the cloud.

Having multiple offices around the globe, the need for employees to easily move data around was also a feature requested.

With the accsyn Python API, file transfers could be integrated into Goodbye Kansas' render manager:

  • When a compute node running in the cloud is finished with their individual result, a call by the API queues up generated files to a pre-created accsyn transfer job.
  • The job auto-resumes and sends currently queued files as one batch using the accelerated file transfer protocol, usually 2-3x faster than the previous RSYNC based solution.
  • The artist can track the file transfers easily using the desktop app, and also use it for transferring assets between offices with ease.

Another problem Goodbye Kansas had was backups of projects. With the accsyn Python AP they can create a simple hourly backup script that makes sure each project data is available at the main premises.

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Common scenario - average gbit connection speeds.


Our accelerated P2P network data transmission algorithm enables accsyn to send files 3-10 times faster than traditional Internet protocols.

Never again run into slow file transfers due to long haul distances, congested network routes or large file packages containing many small files.

accsyn will provide you with a manageable file transfer queue that puts you in total control, with its own settings like priority and bandwidth limits. This allows you to reschedule, abort or add files for transfers at any time, either within the desktop app or through our mobile friendly web UI.

Familiar with rsync? accsyn utilises the same file comparison algorithm. This means a large file transfer will continue where it left off if uninterrupted, with no partially written or temporary files left behind.

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Case study:

Smooth migration to a home office workflow for Cinegrace arrow_downward


As a response to the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak, many of our clients - sadly - had to abandon their offices and start working from home.

Tomas Wall at Cinegrace (Stockholm, SWEDEN) saw the difficulties with remote controlling the office workstation early, as well as the the troubles of having to cloud sync terabytes of data in a controlled manner.

Another challenge was also to maintain the project directory structure on local home storage; keeping track of what has been transferred or not.

accsyn simplified things drastically, with the intuitive desktop application enabling quick file operations:

  • Tomas can really quickly pull data from the office to a local disk unit with the same file structure using the desktop application.
  • When delivery is ready for approval, Tomas would simply transmit the files to the client from home - no need to log on remotely on an office server and prepare FTP deliveries.
  • At the end of a project, Tomas uploads the entire directory to the office. Because accsyn only copies the files that have been modified, no manual work is required to separate files produced at home workstation from files already at the office.
  • The file sharing abilities within accsyn also enables Tomas to share project data with clients and subcontractors working anywhere in the world.
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Keeping your files safe is our main concern; you are 100% in control over the servers - no files are stored in the cloud.

All transfers go point-to-point and are AES-128/256 encrypted based on standard SSL libraries (Secure Sockets Layer), with no exposed network services listening on your servers.

You invite accsyn users via their E-mail address and they are to choose their own strong password during the activation process. Never again will you have FTP account names and passwords floating around in E-mail chains.

The accsyn file server party is only active during transfers and only accepts connections from the remote WAN client IP - no around the clock listening network services.

You decide which files to share/send; clients cannot browse and copy files from your servers.

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Filmlance (Stockholm, SWEDEN) is one of the busiest production companies in Sweden, shooting TV and film at multiple locations combined with resources working remotely with post production and deliveries.

With the introduction of higher security demands enforced by large streaming services, Filmlance were forced to overlook their FTP solution.

Their largest issue was FTP accounts and how they were distributed - sending a password in clear text is a huge risk, always resulting in E-mail chains with lots of people having access to the sensitive login credentials.

  • Audits; no user friendly way to track which files have been sent, when they were sent and from which location.
  • FTP server vulnerable to attacks; having a server listening 24/7 to incoming connections is always a security risk, opening up for bots that tries to break in by guessing passwords or exploiting other known vulnerabilities.
  • Low speed; FTP performs badly when it comes to utilising bandwidth, even with the 10 simultaneous connections trick you never get more than 60-70% if you are really lucky.
  • Resume and corrupt data; when a FTP transfer is interrupted/paused, users have to manually find out what has been transferred and continue/clean up from there.

With accsyn, these problems were solved and Filmlance could also improve their workflow by utilising the Python API to streamline their post production:

  • Filmlance’s remote DIT:s (Digital Imaging Technician) is obliged to choose their own strong password upon account registration - no passwords are to be sent in clear text.
  • accsyn stores timestamps and geographical locations of each file/directory transferred.
  • No server is listening in idle mode, and when a transfer is active - the accsyn server party only accepts incoming connections from the remote IP (software firewall).
  • accsyn utilises an accelerated multithreaded file transfer protocol reaching overall 97-100% bandwidth utilisation.
  • The accsyn transfer protocol mimics Unix RSYNC which means it resumes where it left off and leaves no temporary files behind.

A statement from Filmlance CTO, Henrik Cednert:

After a brief period of testing, accsyn quickly became our go-to solution for pretty much all of our file transfers. Previously we relied on a mixed bag of solutions and fragile duct taped hacks. Today we exclusively use accsyn for transferring media from on-set to our NAS. With accsyn we cut delivery time in more than half, we took security to another level, we got an easy web portal for administering it and with the brilliant central queuing system we're in absolute and total control. On top of that it's been approved by HBO, which makes our lives very easy. By using the Python API our pipeline developer have tightly integrated accsyn into our VFX pipeline, making it the backbone for all transfers to and from artists around the globe. Working remotely has never been so easy and I don't think we have had one corrupt frame delivered to us since we went from an FTP solution to accsyn. The built in verification and the high resilience nature of it not only saves us time during transfer but also in QC and administration. It has gone so far that if we suggest some other method of delivery to our clients they have started to ask for accsyn instead, for example our editors can sync material from the Avid Nexis down to their setup at home or when out traveling - well tested in northern Sweden, in Italy, in UK and in the USA. Today accsyn is such a crucial piece of our pipeline and workflows that I have a hard time seeing how we could do any production without it. I know it sounds like I'm trying to sell you a car here, but it's honestly that good and I truly love it
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Goodbye FTP

accsyn is a MFT(Managed File Transfer) software that replaces dated solutions based on (S)FTP and HTTP(S).

Users can register their own account and start uploading files without your intervention - simply hand out your accsyn URL. You will get an e-mail notification when the upload is complete, with server paths included as well.

You can install multiple servers that exposes multiple volumes, both on-prem and on remote offices. Then use the accsyn desktop app or our mobile friendly web application to easily push files around.

accsyn - a complete file sharing solution that lets you share a directory on your server, optionally bound to a queue, with ACL:s defining which users have access to subfolders - a collaborative share.

Deliver packages up to 5GB through the web browser, without needing to install the app. Preview web formats (.mp4 .jpg .png) in your browser - ideal for quick previews.

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Lola-post (London, UK) realised they needed a combined way to deliver material for approval through their cloud provider. They also wanted to structure the deliverables by projects with file sharing for simplified I/O.

After looking into standard unsecure and unreliable FTP solutions, to pricey cloud based file delivery services, they decided to go with accsyn:

  • Re-using of existing cloud infrastructure; accsyn was installed within their existing AWS, enabling secure and scalable storage.
  • Easy to use desktop application; accsyn is really quick to use, Lola-post’s project managers simply drag-n-drop the file and select the user either from the desktop app or via the mobile friendly web app - a three click operation..
  • Monitor; The process of pending transfers is also very clear, telling Lola-post’s project managers whether the client has received the material or not - a task that would be very difficult to accomplish with a cloud based FTP service or something similar.
  • Intuitive file sharing and management; Lola-post’s managers can handle the cloud storage directly from the desktop app, with the possibility to share individual directories using ACLs.
  • Preview of deliverables; as long as the format is previewable in a web browser, Lola-post’s clients can securely preview video material in the web browser (.mp4) prior to the download.
  • Fast download speed and audits; accsyn track file transfers, storing the date and location of the downloads. The accelerated file transfer protocol is a bonus, shortening turnover times drastically.

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Flat rate

No capped bandwidth, traffic quota or additional hidden costs - we provide a full feature license with everything included:


Small business


  • Unlimited users and servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth and data

  • Two(2) concurrent transfers
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Small to medium sized business


  • Unlimited users and servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth and data

  • Unlimited transfers
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Large business

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  • Unlimited users and serves
  • Unlimited bandwidth and data
  • Unlimited transfers

  • Prioritised support
  • Custom features and integrations
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Add-on modules:



    Automise file management with our Python API.



    Enable cross-site and cloud rendering features.



    Get prioritised support through chat and telephone.

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accsyn is a product of High Definition Render AB (HDR), a computer software company founded 2003 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The founders early realised, while setting up IT infrastructure and building tools for high-end Swedish media companies, that there was a need for a fast yet secure and simple way of sending files and metadata across long distances.

Starting back in the end of the 80's, programming became the main focus of the HDR founders and we now more than ever believe that properly designed and easy-to-use software is the future of computer technology and the key to enable worldwide production collaborations.