Accsyn Terms and Conditions

Rev 1.1, 19.09.17

1. Introduction

Thanks for using Accsyn. Accsyn (“Product”) is a SaaS (Software As A Service) consisting of a private cloud instance (“Instance”) and a software application (“Application”) provided by HDR AB(”Provider”), address Västra Hamngatan 5, 41117 Göteborg, SWEDEN. This web page represents a legal document that serves as our Terms of Service and it governs the legal terms (“Terms”) of our website,, sub-domains and applications , as owned and operated by HDR AB.


To be able to use Accsyn, you(”Licensee”) are required to approve these Terms. Read them thoroughly. If you do not agree with the Terms or do not fully understand their meaning, you should stop using Accsyn immediately.

2. License

Provider grants Licensee he the right to use the Product according to the Subscription agreement and may not transfer or sublicense the Product to any third party. Licensee shall use the Product for internal business only, only allowing permitted third parties to use the software to conduit business with Licensee within the scope of Product functionality regulated by this Terms. Licensee shall not attempt to reverse engineer Product, bypass initialization, protocols or encryption processes used by Product, decompile Product, modify or copy Product code, derive and alter source code of Product with the intention to bypass Product license.

However, Licensee may copy the Application with the purpose of (i) installing it on one or more machines as necessary for operation or (ii) to create a copy for internal archive.

3. Disclaimer

As Provider does not want to receive any confidential or proprietary information, Provider will consider any material sent to us being NOT confidential. By sending such material to Provider, Licensee grant Provider a unrestricted irrevocable license to use the material as Provider sees fit. This includes freely use such as publicly display, copy, transmit, upload, post, modify and creative derivative works from such material.

From time to time, this Web site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors, and Provider do not warrant the accuracy of any posted information.

4. Account

Licensee are responsible for all activities that occur through the account. Contact Provider support immediately if you discover unauthorized account usage. Licensee may not (i) hand out account credentials (ii) use another user account.  

Provider owns the right to shut down a Licensee account or entire service if Licensee breaks  Terms or policies. In the case of an account shut down, Licensee will be notified in advance.

5. Sharing

Product have functions making it possible for Licensee to “Share” content with other users. By Sharing means, through using the Product, that Licensee either sends content to user or enables user to download content from Licensee servers. Other users may use, copy, alter and re-share content or in another way make content available to other users. Licensee owns the responsibility for content shared. Provider can not be held responsible for wrong content being shared or wrong users gaining access.

6. Warranty

Provider provides Product “as is”, this means at a reasonable level of knowledge and care and without any warranties or promises from Provider that Product will fulfill the Licensee’s needs. Provider make no commitments regarding the content of the services. Provider is disclaimed from all warranties that (i) results obtained through the use of the Product will be accurate, effective or reliable (ii) Product will always be available without interruption, delivered on time and be safe and error free (iii) any errors or defects in the Product will be corrected.

Provider can not be held responsible for (i) losses that not have been caused by Provider breaking this Terms (ii) losses within Licensees business, this specifically includes loss of revenue, income or loss of data.

Licensee are responsible for any damage to computer systems or loss of data as a result of using or accessing Product.

The overall responsibility for Provider, for claims due to this Terms, is limited to the fee Licensee pay for using the Product (or, if subject of claim is the cost free demo, to provide Licensee with service again).

7. Privacy Protection

In our policy you can read about how Provider handle your personal information and protect your privacy when using Product. By using Product, Licensee agrees that Provider may use this information in accordance with Providers privacy policies.

8. Pricing, subscription and payments

Provider offers Product with two different subscription license types (i) Standard subscription or (ii) Premium subscription, having two different pricings. Current price levels are defined at Product web page. Provider owns the right to adjust pricing due to fluctuation in exchange rates.

Licensee receives a license to use the Product during Subscription period. The subscription period starts (i) as stated in the signed Agreement or (ii) if no such agreement is in place, as stated in the Order E-mail and/or on the Invoice sent. The standard Product subscription period is 1(one) year by default if not stated elsewhere. The Licensee are obliged to pay license fee throughout the agreed subscription period, whether Product is used or not.

Invoices covers 1(one) quarter and are sent 1(one) month in advance, with a 30 days payment due. Provider owns the right to shut down service and access to Product upon missing or late payments, regardless if within subscription period or not, as failing to pay license fee is treated as breach of this Terms.

Subscription period, and license, is automatically renewed 1(one) quarter before end of subscription. Licensee owns the right to terminate subscription at any time, by a written statement sent to Provider via E-mail. Terminating the subscription before auto renewal occurs, leaves Licensee to continue pay license fee until the ongoing subscription ends. Terminating the subscription AFTER license has auto renewed, leaves the Licensee to continue pay license fee for ongoing subscription period, and the next auto renewed subscription period.

9. Trademark

Accsyn are a registered trademark in the European Union and/or other countries.  Third party trademarks, trade names, product names, and logos are the trademarks of their respective owners. Licensee may not move trademarks or logos from Product, documentation or other content related to Product, owned by Provider.